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About Us

Our Mission

To cause Effective Altruism to reach its social tipping point.

Our Commitment

10% of all revenue will be donated to the highest rated charity on GiveWell.

Our Story

Effective Altruism Apparel was conceived while reading Peter Singer’s work “The Most Good You Can Do.”  Inspired by the Effective Altruism movement, we began making changes to our daily lives, like being mindful of our spending habits, committing to give to effective charities, and orienting our lives to doing the most good possible. During this process of inspiration and change, we went in search of a t-shirt to support the movement. To our surprise, there were no opportunities to purchase a t-shirt.

We launched Effective Altruism Apparel with three goals:

  • Provide people like us the ability to purchase high-quality, fashionable t-shirts (and possibly other apparel).
  • Promote the Effective Altruism movement as much as possible.
  • Give to effective charities through value creation. 

In addition to, we are considering launching as a site dedicated to creative and entrepreneurial ways to “do the most good possible." In order to stay nimble, we currently operate as a for-profit LLC called “Most Good Possible LLC” – but we maintain a firm commitment to our mission of causing Effective Altruism to reach its social tipping point and giving 10% of all revenue to the highest rated charity on GiveWell.

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you might have!


Matt Nehls and Cody Peaslee