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Effective Altruism

What Is Effective Altruism?

Effective Altruism is an exciting new movement that is gaining incredible traction. Student organizations are forming, social media pages are exploding, and the media outlets are catching wind.

Effective Altruists believe that everyone should do the most good possible.

Effective Altruists make a commitment to do the most good possible – but don’t just talk about it and don’t just do “something” good.

Effective Altruists follow a simple two step maxim:

  1. Think critically about how to do the most good possible.
  2. Do it.

Given this broad definition, Effective Altruism has many expressions – but almost 100% of Effective Altruists believe that members of affluent western cultures should give a significant portion of their income to highly effective charities that prevent preventable death and disease.

What's most exciting is that Effective Altruism shows you how you can save a life without taking on something daunting like becoming a surgeon. EA's show you how you can save a life (or several) through simple giving steps -- and that there are many other ways that you can have a huge impact with little sacrifice (but even more impact with additional critical thinking and effort)!

Want More Info?

Our personal opinion is that Effective Altruism is on the cusp of moving from the academic and philanthropic elite to a powerful grassroots movement.

If you are of the academic flare, we recommend that you visit or buy The Most Good You Can Do.

If you are brand new to the movement, we recommend that you visit or buy The Life You Can Save in order to understand the “Why,” or moral ethos, of the movement, before learning about the “What” and “How” of the movement.

Alternatively, check out this TED Talk.

Want to Start Today?

We recommend that you join the Effective Altruism Network, take a giving pledge, buy a t-shirt, and embark on your journey!